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Multi-Day Package

Multi-Day Package

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A minimum sixteen hour (two day) decluttering/organizing session for any space(s) in your home. With this investment, enjoy a discount of 15% or $230 for two to three days or 20% or $610 for four days! 

Session includes: 

  • Storage design
  • Shopping for storage solutions (bins, baskets, etc.)
  • Sorting, categorizing, decluttering, and organizing items
  • Implementation of customized, functional systems
  • Labeling, if desired
  • Donation/disposal of unwanted items (one car load per visit)
  • Coordination of larger donations/disposals (not including associated fees) 
  • A brief in-home follow-up 3 weeks to 1 month after the initial sessions

Please reach out to discuss pricing of larger projects.

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