Basement Declutter

I had such a wonderful chat with this client when we first met at the Whitby Home Show. Any couple, with a large family, together for over two decades will accumulate a lot of "stuff." Add sentimentality, a strong sense of duty to the environment, and the chaos of a major home renovation and they needed expert guidance to reclaim their spaces.

As it so often does, the household basement had become a hiding spot. Volume was so great that my clients had installed heavy duty plastic shelving to house some overflow. Their large pool table had become unusable - now more of a table. We started to reclaim space by breaking down empty boxes, consolidating half-full boxes, and working in-depth to identify items we could immediately purge. We targeted the largest items first. The euphoria of those accomplishments motivated more and more decluttering. Peeling back layer after layer, we uncovered a more streamlined, calming, usable space that the couple could enjoy with their grandchildren. 
Cluttered basement
Decluttered basement