Our Story



A professional organizer creates calm and decreases mental load in busy households or those going through a life transition. An organizer reduces physical clutter, reducing mental clutter, implementing custom-made, functional systems that simplify life and facilitate flow through routine activities.

         In one way or another, I have devoted my life to organization. I have always been in tune with my surroundings and the way a space feels and functions. When I became a mother of two highly energetic boys who crave "things," this predisposition became a challenge. The challenge reached new heights when my youngest son was nine months old and the Covid-19 lockdowns began. Suddenly, for every hour of every day, our home supported an infant, a four-year-old navigating virtual school, and three adults: two of whom worked full-time in demanding jobs. Our home became our refuge, office, school, daycare, and playground for close to a year and a half. Never had the calm and structure of an organized space been more important – this time, not just to me. 
        My whole-hearted intent in creating The Streamlined Space is to spread that calm; to share systems, tips and tricks from my work organizing museum collections, in project management, in my professional organizing education and experience, and amid the expected and unexpected of life. 

        I am thrilled that I have been able to fold my first love - historical objects - into my work at The Streamlined Space. Organizing museum collections and exhibitions at institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Aga Khan Museum was the original outlet for my passion for order. With The Streamlined Space, helping individuals, families, and smaller organizations preserve their highly personal history has proven incredibly rewarding. This work also allows me to lean on my expertise in cataloguing, management and preservation of many types of collections. 

        Whether organizing their home or their history, my goal is to connect meaningfully with as many clients as possible, whatever a household contains, because we are be in this together. 
                                               Susan Charbonneau