Laundry Closet Redesign

Like many homes of this vintage, the original laundry room closet was not at its functional best. This redesign meant no more laundry bins in the hallway. It made full use of the vertical space the closet had to offer, while creating a cubby for an often-misplaced vacuum and its long attachments. A bottom basket – for swing space - was added to the tower, as was a white “Pocket Finds” basket, to keep receipts and lip balm from accumulating on and behind the washing machine. Keeping the bottom basket at a comfortable level created a niche at the bottom of the basket tower, creating a natural home for bulky vacuum attachments and a dust buster. A place for everything and everything in its place. The icing on the cake in this conversion was the excuse for me to take out my power tools!



Laundry room closet after