The Piano Inn and Cafe

Helping Port Perry institution The Piano Inn and Cafe get back on its feet after a fire was such a unique, fulfilling experience! 

Decluttering and activity-based zoning to enable flow in a busy commercial kitchen were priorities in this project. Working with an amazing team of women with a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the cafe, The Streamlined Space maximized space from floor to ceiling, bringing backstock from the basement to the kitchen, reducing trips up and down stairs. A well-stocked, updated “take-out station” took efficiency to the next level, gifting time to staff and customers. While the Cafe's galley kitchen had ample storage space, staff height and high traffic areas were primary considerations in designing storage. Pinpointing and installing effective, highly durable storage solutions increased stock access and visibility, ensuring this small business could function as seamlessly as possible. 

The warmth and dedication of the staff, as well as the beauty of the refreshed, streamlined space has made The Piano Inn and Cafe one of my new favourite places in Port Perry.

Restaurant take-out supply storage
Restaurant supply storage
Restaurant take-out supply storage

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