Kitchen/Dining Unpack & Install

This now recurring client endured a months long kitchen renovation to earn their serene, intricately designed kitchen. I was happy to get them in, settled, and enjoying their space as quickly as possible, and to allow them to make the best possible use of the design from the start. Taking morning routines and large-scale holiday baking into consideration, I created zones and worked with typical idiosyncrasies, like awkward "end-of-the-bank" cupboards. 

Though we downsized a number of sentimental items, after many years together, my clients had strong ties to the ones on display in the china cabinet. They also hosted gatherings regularly, giving them many opportunities to use different items. I was really pleased to showcase a coveted wash basin and urn that had been collecting dust in this fresh space. 
Dining Room full of boxes
Cutlery drawer
Pot and pan turntable
Awkward corner cupboard
China cabinet in dining room