Garage Transformations

Tool Shelving Though impractical, “Might Be In Here” is the best bin label I have ever come across. The high-end Husky tool cart used in this project was an organizer’s dream and the perfect excuse to use black labelling tape. Diverse drawer heights helped create designated homes for all sizes and types of tools and the sheer number of drawers allowed for a spacious “works in progress” section. This section will prevent half-done projects from piling up on garage shelving and tables; they had become the "kitchen counter" of the garage.

Before image of cluttered garage shelf

Before image of cluttered garage shelf

After image of tool storage cabinet

After image of tool storage drawer


Ladder Storage I lifted the ladders off the dusty garage floor, saving my client’s back and encouraging actual use. I created consolidated vertical storage using three types of heavy-duty garage hooks. Where is the step ladder in the “Before” picture? No one could find it. I’m hopeful my client will use a ladder rather than a bar stool the next time she hangs a curtain rod. 

Ladders laying on floor

Ladders hung neatly on wall


Equipment Storage The only thing that makes organizing better is repurposing something that would have gone to a landfill. I sourced this slotwall from a neighbour, cut it into two narrow pieces, and used it in two tight vertical spaces in my own garage: For my kids’ sports equipment and for family biking gear. Even more exciting than my three-year-old being able to reach his own hockey ball? The fact that using a little leftover wood, the boys’ hockey sticks will never slide again. Upcycle times two.

Before picture of messy sporting equipment

After image of organized sporting equipment using slotwall


Pegboard Tool Housing Any project that starts at Lake Scugog Lumber is going to be fun! I painted neutral pegboard a clean white and used pegboard hooks to tame the wall of tools, creating a flexible layout maximizing vertical space, grouping like-tools, and allowing storage to be reconfigured as it grows. Finally, I corralled long, unwieldy painting and cleaning poles in spray painted aluminum venting connectors. 

Disorganized hanging tools and poles

Sorted tools on a white pegboard